Last in a series of what is grate 

It’s 5am nzest, and I’m very grateful for this comfortable couch to spread out on. 

I’m also grateful I’m not working today, and shall head straight back home to bed.


Missed a day 

Somewhat busy yesterday, with a friend’s wedding and all that. Gorgeous day, the warm blue sky and the autumn leaves, and then a stunning vivid night, with the stars in the inky sky. There was dancing and cake and laughter and photos and speeches and friends and much love, all of which I’m so very very grateful for.

Number five of gratefulness 

Two things today :

1. Grateful for the wonderful coffee chat I had with an inspiring senior woman at work, who asked me when I spoke to her of the program I was considering proposing : “what’s stopping you Bridget ?” (answer : nothing! Let’s rock) 

2. The wonder of air travel, enabling me to get home to chch in 3hrs 20mins this evening. 

Gratefully yours, part 2

I am grateful today for the lovely evening I spent with my sister, involving comedy and Ben and Jerry’s, and I am also grateful for my pt knowledge which allowed me to assist fellow traveller on platform 2. (Tired and emotional Hawks fan, who should now be on tram to Middle Park. I hope it was Middle Park he was after though, not Mill Park, otherwise he might be waiting for that tram awhile).