Fuckwits I never want to meet

I find it tricky to put into words how incredibly cross this makes me. But will have a go.

There a few things in the known universe that rip my knicks quite as badly as anti-abortion campaigners.  Recent example: Troy, a prominent anti-abortion activist from the US.

According to Wikipedia, this charming bloke developed the idea of the ‘truth truck’ fleet, where panel vans are driven around America displaying graphic images of aborted foetuses to publicise his pro-life agenda, including the odd drive past abortion clinic workers’ homes. This sounds exactly like the ‘peaceful, prayerful action’ he says he has practiced ‘in the last 25 years.’

This is the guy who wants abortion doctors executed. Has anyone pointed out to him that killing people in the name of life is a bit stupid?

But anyway, Troy Boy booked a trip to Australia to speak at the Right to Life conference. (The organisers of the Melbourne event weren’t having the best day either, as it’s a public holiday for the Grand final tomorrow and no one gives a fuck about anything else at this time of year, but I digress).  The Australian government has taken a rather dim view of Troy’s activities, and cancelled his visa under s128 of the Migration act, which they are perfectly entitled to do, given the risk that his presence could incite some nasty behaviour.  But then Troy has an IQ of room temperature, so yesterday, he got on a plane from the US anyway.

Troy is currently a guest of Melbourne International airport, having a chat with the kids in immigration as to whether he might consider fucking off nice and quietly. Which is a good thing.

Message for you, my friend, in nice simple terms. Inciting protest, hate and harassment of vulnerable women is crass and wrong and not very Christian of you. You have absolutely no right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Fuck off please.