Things I have learned this week

  • If you spray caterpillar killing spray stuff on a new tomato plant, said tomato plant will wither and die within 3-4 days. Fact.
  • The vet at FTG is lovely and canine vax are not actually that expensive for 65 kg of pure dog. (Although George’s provenance still very much a mystery.)
  • The hype surrounding The Force Awakens is actually rather awesome, and it’s not hard to stay spoiler free right now (although this may change in the next two days).
  • ‘Empire’ mag is still as readable as ever (see above).
  • Tony Abbott is like a cockroach you just can’t kill, or a possum you just can’t keep out of your garden. (Why TF is he still getting airtime? No one cares that he bought a fridge on gumtree. I’ve bought dozens of things on ebay. See? No one cares.)
  • There are still people, in the corporate world, who still rant, rave, send rude ranty raving emails, and think this will do minimal harm to their career / their work relationships. (I know.)
  • Bridge Road still has some good bargains but you have to hunt around a bit more than you did in 2005.
  • Stay organised, plan in advance, and you can conquer anything (e.g. fitting into red silk dress you bought for 30th, organising xmas presents, organising weddings, etc)
  • The new fitbit strap is not quite as robust as its predecessor. As a result, I am sans fitbit. The horror!