In this day of mass consumption and wastage, I feel honour bound and not a little embarrassed to admit that it has emerged that I have reached peak wardrobe. I had a feeling this was about to happen the other night when my latest Ezibuy package arrived (one work wrap dress in a sober print, one white lace top to wear with jeans) and I had literally no hangers to hang them on. An inventory revealed that I currently have, even after the great chuck out of May 2016:

  • 1 wedding dress
  • 7 formal dresses (as in going to wedding or formal party or races dresses);
  • 3 sort of ‘party’ dresses;
  • 14 casual dresses for weekend or casual day at work
  • 25ish work dresses.

So, time to curb the expenditure, including at Vinnies. Dress diet starts today and I have committed to this until Xmas.

I saw Bridget Jones btw, and it was great, but all I can think about is this darling wrap lace dress by Diane von Furstenberg.  Will Asos replicate it soon?