Gardening is the new gardening

As if in reaction to life being rather nice, my tomatoes have gone red this year. I don’t think you understand quite how significant this is. So I’ll explain.

I was never one for gardening much. Tried growing in and of some pots at some stage in my 20s, mostly unsuccessfully. I did grow about 3 tomatoes on my balcony at the Erk years ago and then promptly lost interest (probably cos I couldn’t smoke the leaves) (I’M KIDDING MUM).


a number of years now I have attempted cultivation of few vege and have produced some zepplin sized zucchinis and a celery plant straight out of little shop of horrors. BUT it wasn’t until this year the stars aligned and I actually got something right. The worm farm with their delicious tailings? The broad beans I put in the tomato patch over winter to get that soil ph balance right? It’s all going awesome. Cucumbers going beserk and have an absolute glut of tomatoes. RED ONES! eggplants going insane. It’s awesome.


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