Preference Voting

Yes, readership of three, I know it’s been awhile. But you know, life and that. So, thinking in terms of value to audience, have compiled a quick list of some possible blog post topics. Vote now!

  • How to MC at friend’s wedding, like, well, a master, or,
  • Why Wanaka is the nicest place on earth, even in the company of Aussies, or,
  • Homesickness (in general, am not talking about myself), or,
  • How to zhoosh oneself up for staff Xmas party in ladies’ toilets when you have 10 minutes to transform yourself from wizened up office hag to dewy glamourpuss, or
  • Why the Beatles are still awesome. (And always will be. Item ticked off bucket list by seeing A Day in the Life in concert), or
  • Star wars people. As my sister and I descended into IMAX, we saw scores of people who wouldn’t otherwise come together, wearing varying degrees of Lucasfilm branded clothes, with a crazed look of anticipation sparkling behind their eyes

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