Letting off some steam

Things I would like to do right now, but for whatever reason, will not:
1. Tell Steve in the pod over from me that if I actually hear another thing about his new puppy Lola’s walking routine / bowel movements / vaccination schedule I will actually leap over the partition and beat him about the head with my keep cup;
2. Go home and sleep for 14 hours;
3. Wake up and see that my eyebags have mysteriously been removed and that I look normal, fresh faced and not the 47 years I currently feel / look;
4. Eat a whole loaf of fresh warm bread smeared with salty butter and vegemite.
5. Go to a café , sit down to a coffee with eggs and some salmon, and write some stuff.

Have not written anything remotely interesting for weeks with the transformational thingo at work. (See, even my words are suffering). It’s been training materials and other such stuff, and I feel non creative and uninspired. But have four days off coming up, and first I shall drink some wine and let off some steam.


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