Choose your own (weekend) adventure

Ah, finally it’s the weekend. Time to relax, rewind and recharge after chaotic work week. But wait, you have guests over for dinner on Friday night. Do you:

a. Feed them copious amounts of red wine
b. Have passionate debate about workplace equality
c. Introduce them to Cards Against Humanity or
d. All of the above?

You decide to retire at approx. 1 am; do you:

a. Take your contacts out, scrub face and put jarmies on
b. Face plant pillow but remember to take shoes off, or
c. Bed? Nah this patch of floor’ll do

You’re confronted with a hairy back next to your face when you wake up in the middle of the night. Do you:

a. Puzzle for several hung-over seconds and then suggest to husband he may want to head back to the girls down at BackSacknCrack salon
b. Realise your darling 32 kg dog has lodged himself between yourself and husband due to severe anxiety, or
c. Turn over. Probably just a nightmare anyway

You have high hopes for your productivity on Saturday. Do you:

a. Go for brisk walk in cold weather, then cook hearty vegetable rich meal?
b. Stay indoors and drag blankie from bed to infront of telly and sook for most of the day
c. Stomp around the house in your obi wan Kenobi dressing gown, or
d. Receive call regarding drinks in Croydon and make miraculous recovery?

Do you, at this moment, wish to

a. Find the lost jewels of Nabooti,
b. Return to atlantis, or
c: Return to the Cave of Time?


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