Fully sick

It probably takes longer than a week to facilitate a completely new mental health outcome in terms of being grateful (although I think overall it has been useful). This week has tested my patience though – I have been sick for the last four days – chills on the plane and a dry sore throat on Monday morning morphed into full blown fluid-on-lungs chest infection. Feeling sick but moreover, bored AF. However, some kind person has uploaded the Flying Doctors onto youtube, so have been comforting myself with that inbetween taking decongestant and guzzling lemsip. So today I am grateful for The Flying Doctors being on youtube, the wonderful wonderful hairdos (hairspray and perms FTW), and how romantic it made the outback look. (I met Robert Grubb once, and he would have to be the nicest celebrity I’ve ever met).


One thought on “Fully sick

  1. Hope you start to feel better soon… by the way I loved The Flying Doctors! I loved ACP more but The Flying Doctors was up there…


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