Whinge Bitch Moan

This article bought a frustrated tear to my eye this morning.

No pasta sauce will be bubbling in my kitchen from my freshly homegrown tomatoes. Oh no. Because two of my tomato plants have given up the ghost. 80% of the tomatoes on the vine (still green) have been picked over by rodents. Actually heartbreaking. Have ripped out two plants and pruned the remaining ones and staked them (again). And laid some rat traps, which this morning were devoid of peanut butter bait, and regrettably, also devoid of rat corpses.

Feeling pissed off and jealous of S at work and all the nonnas and hipsters who apparently have a GLUT of fresh delicious tomatoes. For all my efforts I have precisely zip.

Fuck you tomatoes, I didn’t need you anyway.


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