I think, personally, that 1am on a Monday morning is a superb time to start worrying about:

  • The financial markets
  • My parents’ wellbeing
  • Whether I sent that email at 5.10pm or did I leave it in draft?
  • The time my friends went to a party without me when I was 17
  • Why my tomatoes aren’t red yet
  • Whether I turned the water off or not
  • The time a bartender gave me flowers with a note ‘I think you are cute’ but it turned out it was a joke and everyone at the pub laughed at me
  • The nectarine tree up the road shedding all that fruit, what a waste. And if I leave a note in their letterbox asking if I can have some nectarines, will they be nice neighbours who will say, here we go, or will they ignore me?
  • The dogs and how hot they will get today
  • If I have offended anyone lately

I must spend at least 20% of my days and nights worrying. Despite the cuddly meme above, it’s hard to get to grips with.



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