Old as you feel

I had another birthday the other day, and by way of celebration we drove four hours west of Melbourne and set up for summer holiday. (Pictured).

Despite my whining on the day about my rickety knees, I actually never feel older than I used to. I still feel like I am about 19, maybe 20.

Then I look in the mirror and see a few lines from laughter, and I think, OK, maybe I am about 25.

Then I see the young things down at the beach, and I think, hmmm, OK. Maybe about 30?

Then I wake up after celebratory bottleored and flash dinner and think, yup, I am in my mid-30s after all.

When TF did that happen?


One thought on “Old as you feel

  1. I ran my first half marathon the day before I turned 40 last year. I figured I was probably going to wake up feeling mentally old, I may as well feel physically old as well. I woke up feeling amazing and as if I could do anything. Happy birthday and enjoy the beach 🙂


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