Poss. Off.

Dear Mr Possum

Look, you know? I get it. You’re hungry. And you like zucchinis. Hey, I get that. I love zucchinis too. Such a versatile vegetable aren’t they. Such a good way to greens into the kids’ meals.

I know you think you have been clever, with your sheltering in our roof, plucking off the odd strawberry from the strawberry plant (just a couple, mind, so i assume it’s a bird) or teasing the crap out of the dogs at 10pm. And yes, I get that you are native to Australia and I am not.
But Possum? You are being watched my friend. You have gone too far this time.
 IMAG0780 (2)
If I catch you doing this again, the punishment will be swift and harsh. Please join the perimeter of your cousins over at the bins at number 9. They would love to accommodate you and your needs.

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