Suburbs, darlz

It occurs to me this afternoon that I am fast becoming a suburbanite. Today I have gardened, played with dogs, walked, made cheesecake for dinner guests this evening, had long gossipy conversation with K regarding her lovely 7 month old son (he’s lovely) and done some chores. Back in the day my Saturday would have looked like this:

  • Wake up at 11, hungover
  • Go downstairs, despair at state of kitchen, and go fuck it, I am going out
  • Go and spend money at a café for brunch
  • Go shopping for unnecessary items (probably with K)
  • While away afternoon until it’s time to drink again
  • Go out and get pissed and laugh with mates.

But these days I find myself actually excited over budding strawberries, tiny sunflower fronds and fledgling zucchinis.

I do have an aperol spritzer right here though. So all is not lost.

Running update: Did 10k with sister last week around Jells Park. Quite the challenge with it’s undulating paths. Was awarded the spoon. Quite funny, but even funnier? The time was my pb.

Melbourne update: in a daring and unoriginal way for Fairfax to provoke the chattering classes, published it’s liveability index last week, which pitted suburb against suburb, ranking each in terms of liveability, using such criteria as proximity to the CBD, proximity to the coastline, the open spaces, the congestion, public transport options, and of course, the availability of the ubiquitous Melbourne latte. Where we live came 189th out of 300 odd, which in such a nice city I don’t actually think is that bad, personally.


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