After much, much wine fuelled banter on Friday night at a close friend’s 40th (shut up) birthday, I advised BIL I would be ‘settling this once and for all’ and challenged him to arm wrestle. Unfortunately it was 2am, we were both arseholed, and there was a pot of white house paint on the table which was tipped over to the deck by said wrestling (I wasn’t winning). Short result was paint everywhere – deck, table, drinks. I ended up with paint on legs, my jacket, my hair and my handbag. BIL escaped paint free. (No, I don’t remember what we were settling, BIL and I have very good relationship generally).

After two hair washes I still have white paint flecks in my hair.

We have squared up now, and he has agreed to pay me reparations in the form of a bottle of Hendricks. Win. I won’t be using it to get the pain flecks out though. It’s a remedy for mental anguish.

Running update: still go for a nice big run every weekend, but given the weather is warming up I will have to start getting up earlier. 10k run at Jells Park in 5 weeks, so probably should work on my time.


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