Things that make me happy, as of recently

  • Coming home and preparing a rack of lamb with baked potatoes and broccoli while listening to ABC jazz
  • Sipping an aperol spritzer in the late afternoon sun outside a pub
  • The dogs’ waggly, twinkly eyed, mad dash to see me when I get home
  • An unexpected hot water bottle waiting for me in bed on a chill spring night
  • Having a loud and long conversation with K about bloody everything / state of world
  • Getting lost in a book
  • The profile of Melbourne city against an orange sunset as the train pulls east
  • A long hot shower after a run
  • A fantastic doco about an unsolved murder on SBS (macabre, yes, sorry)
  • Going over old photos
  • Buying fresh flowers
  • When I try on something and it fits / is loose
  • New bras that are nice and firm and have no elastic issues and keep boobies upright
  • But mostly, I never ever underestimate the satisfaction from managing to pluck a wiry black hair from my chin by the root without the aid of tweezers.

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