On not being a vegetable

Sunday morning, woke up reasonably clear headed, contemplating a coffee and the paper and perhaps a run, only to be confronted by BBF in the kitchen. He had been up for several hours (this is an insight into one of life’s mysteries: trying to get him up on a weekday morning is like trying to remove burnt cheese from the toastie maker; on weekends he springs out of bed and starts being productive) and greeted me with a sprightly: ‘Good morning darling! Guess what you’re doing today?’

‘I can’t guess. What.’

‘You’re gardening! 4 cubic metres of dirt is turning up in 15 minutes. Should be enough for the veggie garden. Enjoy that coffee, then work to do darls!’

I scowled at him from under sleep-encrusted eyelashes. ‘Well played dear’.

So it was that I spent the lion’s share of Sunday barrowing, shovelling and spreading dirt out in Vegie Patch, preparing the soil for planting veggies. With some research (The Lazy Gardener, and brains trust on Facebook) under my belt I can now be quietly confident that this year’s crop of tomatoes will be superior to the last (last year I managed several hundred pots of green tomato chutney and not much else).

Head space slightly better. Sometimes the whole ‘keeping busy’ methodology isn’t useful for (my) mental issues, but these last few days it’s been quite beneficial – as well as the general chores on Sunday I managed a run, a lemon tart for FIL, and a lamb rack for dinner. Being productive is nice – at least I feel useful.

Running update: 56 mins to do 7.48k on Sunday arvo. Not bad. Not good. Sprint training to bring up speed starts again this week.


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