Reality! Yay.

Ah, grumpy old Melbourne, I do love you, you mercurial little shit. Thanks for putting on a nice day yesterday for my run along the Yarra and for cancelling the PT strike today.

Bit busy actually, but that’s a good thing. Quite apart from work starting to get busy again, Writing Project is actually starting to move along a bit more. When I say a bit, I actually have actual chapters to start moving around, and although I read some of the stuff I have written and it is truly awful, some is semi-readable. And in order to nourish my writer’s mojo, I am off to some MWF events next week. Always so nice to talk to people who are doing the same sort of thing and listen to some established writers speak. (I’m doing this instead of going to the bridal expo, by the way. Just thought I’d point that out.)  

And those sloe gin fizzes (X3) were for medicinal purposes you understand…it’s Friday.


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