Thoughts during 10k run on Sunday….

Waiting waiting waiting, like horses in stalls. I am so not going anywhere near wave A. I’ll hide back here. If I get in in under 1:15 it will be miracle. OMG Friday night was big night. Whose idea was the martinis? #Regretmuch.

Waiting waiting. WTF are they waiting for? Has wave C gone yet? I’ll keep waiting back here with wave D. These look like my sort of people. Team t-shirts and couples and smiles. No one looks extremely fit / competitive. Comforting.

Ooh that sun is nice on my face. I can’t wait for Queensland in a couple of weeks.

Are we gonna move anytime soon? Might stretch my legs. Again. Finally! The blast squeals. And we are off, finally, slowly slowly, puddles and mud, dodge dodge weave weave. See bloke with a lovely husky (malamute?) on the sidelines. I wonder who he has come to watch?

Group starts to break up a bit more. Run past shrine. What a lovely clear cool morning. When did I last go to the Shrine? Been yonks.

There is no way I will be back by 11. Poor BBF. I hope he doesn’t get annoyed waiting too long. And he has my phone. Oh well.

Slight uphill bit. You can do this you can do this. Past the Royce! Weeeeeeeeeeeee. Lovely. I remember getting caught in the rain here in my first week in Melbourne all those years ago.

Find your form. Find it. Stay with it. Ohhhh. Probably should have gone to toilie beforehand. Oh well too late now.

‘In here love,’ says nice lady, seeing I am ducking and weaving and boxed in, ‘you need some space to run’. She is wearing fantastic leggings. ‘Thanks mate’ I say.

Run past a bongo band. Gorgeous black men! Blow them a kiss.

The Tan eh! I like the Tan but its beautiful people everywhere, intimidates me. So I don’t normally run it. Ooooh hello little hill. Ouchie little hill. Damn you little hill. Where does this thing stop?

Oooh hello a drinks station, surely we are more than 5k in? It feels like more than 5k. ‘Are we more than 5 k in?’ I ask the bearded hydrolyte dude. ‘Yes of course you are!’ ‘Oh phew’ ‘I have no idea at all though’ he yells after me. Cheeky bugger.

Fuck. Are we not halfway? OMG IS THAT ONLY 4K? OMG do I have to run all the way down there and BACK? I wonder if anyone would notice if I cheat? People high fiving each other coming in opposite direction. So prob not. Bummers.

You can do this you can do this you can do this.

Is that a photographer? I will smile anyway. How am I smiling?

Hey there’s the bloke with the malamute again. What a lovely dog. I hope George and Bob are ok. My poor darlings. Cold morning for them outside. I love those dogs, imagining George’s head in my lap. Nice cold craft in my hand. Nice ciggie. NO NO no more ciggie.

You can do this. One foot after other, think of back nice and straight. Think you will be over the other side of river really soon. In 25 mins you will be back there at Fed sq. I wonder what the time is?

Hmm, really like my wedding dress. Even if the comment was made that anything for that price would be ‘mass produced.’ I love it and that’s the main thing. Hope I don’t look fat in it. Not that BBF cares. He loves me the way I am – healthy and happy. I am very lucky.

Only 6k? holy crap. Ok. You can do this. Hey, this bridge – lovely! What a view up the yarra to the city. I used to walk over here when I worked at tu all those years ago. 5k a day. I would walk from St Kilda road to Richmond. Then have a beer at the pub. Beer!

You can do this. Ok stop for little drink just for a moment.

Is that 8k mark? Finally. WTF a bubble machine? It’s too cold for bubble machine. Kinda nice though. Ok, feeling alright, hip slightly sore. Only another 2 k. OMG that wind is coming from the coldest bit of the yarra brr. Run faster it will be over soon. BRRRRRR.

You can finish this come on Bridge. Hey, a home stretch – what the hell? We have to go OVER the bridge? No way mate – oh right we have to go that way. Right ok. Hey a home stretch. Is that the 5k wave coming in? #howembarrassment.

Redcarpet? Nice touch. Quicken pace to look like proper runner. People yelling ‘come on Bridge!’ at me. I don’t know any of these people but they can see the name on my bib. How cool is that?

There’s the finish line. Hello finish line, I’ve been wanting to see you. AND WE ARE done. Is that my time? Yup, will have to improve. Water, my medal! Thanks.

Did I just do that? Is BBF still back where I left him? Yes, and yes.


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